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SITARA PRESET PACK (desktop/mobile)

$40.00 USD

all my most iconic lightroom presets in one bundle for your enjoyment! i had fun building these bold presets, and i hope you have just as much fun using them on your photos. tag me @sitaravisuals and show me how you used them! 

preset 1 | gloom

the perfect preset for a cloudy day. it’s dark grey finish will make any photo moody and give off the most beautiful brown, deep red, and blue tones. inspired by san francisco’s foggiest mornings. 

preset 2 | golden

it’s summer in california and the sun is in full force. this intense preset gives off the most vivid golden brown and rusty red colors. the perfect preset to grab a friend, some good music, and head off into the sunset for a day in the sand.

preset 3 | laguna 

inspired by a night walk on the coastline. the low exposure and deep highlights in this preset will have your photos looking like someone broke your heart…. in the best way lol. 

preset 4 | oceanic

imagine a beach house that has rusted to no end. the deep rich colors of this preset create an angsty mood. low highlights are featured to give your photo a cooler tone.

preset 5 | pacifica

malibu vibes all around!!! this is a more color-rich, teal-toned preset. i’d like to think of it as that classic teal car you see your grandpa driving, as he relives the 50’s. 

preset 6 | sonoma

norcal is shook. picture a forest in northern california. these colors are inspired by a drive through the santa cruz coast in the fall; the tall trees, the golden sun, the brown leaves, and the dark pavement. 

preset 7 | ventura

for all the angsty teens. the moodiest of the presets. the dark, rich brown and forest green tones make for the perfect fall day in downtown. 

preset 8 | sunshine

this preset was developed during a hot day in downtown los angeles. with its warm tones and soft color palette, it adds the perfect touch for any type of outdoor lighting situation, and is my personal go-to preset.

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